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Public Works

The Water Department provides planning and maintenance of water lines, wells, booster stations, reservoirs, and meters within the City. The Water Department does daily and monthly water sampling to ensure the quality of the City's water supply. Once a month, meters are read by the Water Department for consumer billing. The Water Fund is an Enterprise Fund that is self-supporting.

The Sewer Department provides for the collection and treatment of sewage. It continuously monitors and cleans sewer lines, and 6 lift stations, as well as running the Waste Water Plant with two irrigation circles. The Sewer Fund is an enterprise fund that is self-supporting.

The Street Department's day to day activities include: patching, striping, sweeping, seal coating, signage and sidewalk maintenance. Preservation and beautification of our City is also performed by our street department with the help of the Coyote Ridge Correctional work crew.