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New Resident Information

Welcome to Connell, Washington! The following information is provided for the benefit of those who have recently relocated to the community.

  • Sign up for City provided serves of Water/Sewer at the City Hall. Contact City Hall at 234-2701 for more information. Residents are not allowed to turn water on or off on the City's side of the meter. Water/Sewer Application for Owner
  • If you are a tenant/renter and need to sign up for Water/Sewer services please contact City Hall Office 509.234.2701 x1221.
  • For Electrical Service, contact the Franklin County PUD directly at 509-547-5591 or 1-800-638-7701.
  • Sanitation Services call Basin Disposal, Inc. directly at 509-547-2476 or 1-800-642-6447.

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Clark Street Park Apartments

Hillcrest Apartments - Pioneer Park Apartments 234-1222

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