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SEPA - Checklist-Guidance SEPA stands for State Environmental Policy Act, Chapter 43.21C RCW. Enacted in 1971, it provides the framework for agencies to consider the environmental consequences of a proposal before taking action. It also gives agencies the ability to condition or deny a proposal due to identified likely significant adverse impacts. The Act is implemented through the SEPA Rules, Chapter 197-11 WAC.

Land Use Application Form This is our general land use application and must accompany all land use related projects.
Short Plat Application For the division of land into four or fewer lots
Preliminary Long Plat Application Packet For the division of land into five or more lots.
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application Any person, firm, corporation, group of individuals, or municipal department may petition for an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan cannot be amended more than once a year unless there is an emergency requiring an amendment. All petitions requesting amendments of the Plan are accepted during any time of the year and held until a hearing is scheduled.
Variance Application variance means a modification of a zoning requirement which will not be contrary to the public interest, and where, owing to a condition peculiar to the property and not the result of actions of the applicant, a literal enforcement of this title will result in an unnecessary and undue hardship.
Boundary Line Adjustment The purpose of a boundary line adjustment is to provide an administrative method of modifying the boundary lines between two or more lots of record. The intent of a boundary line adjustment (or lot line adjustment) is to address existing problems pertaining to building encroachment, irregular shaped lots, non-conforming lots sizes or to modify lot lines to promote orderly and efficient community growth.