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Notice - City of Connell to Surplus Equipment

City of Connell Surplus Property

Up for auction two pool slides, pumps, tower, steps and all hardware associated therewith.  One slide is a 30-inch poly closed flume with a 245-foot ride. The second slide is a 36-inch fiberglass open flume with a 69 foot 3 inch ride.  Attached is a description of all components (hereinafter “Property”).  Winning bidder will be responsible for removing the slides and all components from the Seller’s premises within thirty (30) days of being awarded the bid and paying the bid.

The seller herein makes no warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and the slides and components thereon are sold “as is” with all faults. 

Buyer agrees that it will protect, save, defend, hold harmless and indemnify Seller, its employees, volunteers, officers and agents as well as Seller’s property from any and all demands, claims, judgments, or liability for loss or damage arising as a result of the removal of the Property and the use of all Property purchased pursuant to this bid as well as any third party claims that may be brought as a result of the removal or use of Property.  Buyer also indemnifies Seller for any and all damage caused to Seller’s property from the removal of Property.

The online auction will be posted on Public Surplus starting April 19th for 30 days at: