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Parks and Bike Path

The City’s park system is made up of five parks and a bike path, all designed to meet the various recreation needs of community residents. The community takes great pride in its parks and play areas, and appreciates the help of all who use them in keeping them safe and clean. For more information about parks and play areas, contact City Hall at 234-2701.

 Bike Path

The community bike path runs parallel to U.S. Highway 395 and is just under one mile in length. There are four entrances/exits to the path:
  • At the end of East Gum Street
  • Near the tennis courts at Pioneer Park
  • Off East Beech Street
  • At the end of East Clark Street

 Clark Street Park

Located at the intersection of East Clark Street and North Chelan, this is the newest addition to the Connell park system. It features a large soccer field with goal and ball return net, a picnic area, half-court basketball, a playground and swings, and public restrooms.

 Old Town Park

Located at 350 W. Adams Street, historic Old Town was Connell’s first community park. As such, it was the site of many city functions over the years.  This beautiful, old, shaded park is currently the home of the Connell Heritage Museum, and features public restrooms, half-court basketball, a volleyball court, swings, and monkey bars.

 Pioneer Park

Located at 431 East Birch, this park offers alternative access areas from East Fir and East Date Streets. Park facilities includes Pioneer Park Pavilion, a playground, a basketball court, baseball diamonds, a skateboard park, a large grassy open area, and several picnic shelters.

 Skate Park

The skate park is a new facility that was set up on the old tennis courts location at Pioneer Park located at 341 E. Birch Street. The project was support by many parents and over 30 youth who came to council meetings and special advisory meetings to supply input into the design of the facility. The components of the facility were purchased from Skate Wave. It has been well utilized with people coming from all over the state to enjoy.

Park Rules
  • Open daily from dawn until dusk.
  • Skateboarding and inline skating only.
  • Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are highly recommended.
  • No smoking, tobacco products, or alcohol.
  • No graffiti, stickers, or littering.
  • No skating on adjacent property.
  • Skate at your own risk. Your sport, your skull, your choice. (RCW 4.24.210)

 Striker Park

Located on the west end of West Fir Street, this neighborhood park offers a playground, a baseball diamond, public restrooms, numerous shade trees, and a multi-purpose open area.

 Tot Lot Park

Located at the intersection of West Fir and First Avenue, this small neighborhood park features swings, half-court basketball, and an open area for volleyball.