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Hotel/Motel Tax Committee

A municipality with a population of five thousand or more must establish a lodging tax advisory committee. A lodging tax advisory committee must consist of at least five members appointed by the City Council. The committee membership must include at least two members who are representatives of businesses required to collect the tax and at least two members who are persons involved in activities authorized to be funded by the revenue received. In addition, one member must be a City Council Member who shall serve as chair of the committee. Members serve a one year term.

Meeting Date, Time & Location As needed-in Council Chambers
Mayor Lee Barrow Burl Booker
Patrice Hebel Molly Kunkel
Dale Kuehny City Administrator Cathleen Koch

The funds from the City of Connell Hotel/Motel Tax goes to support various functions.  One of these functions is advertising.  There are many ways that the money is used for advertising.