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The City Administrator is responsible for management of operations and implementation of public policy for the City. The Administrator is a professional that puts the overall welfare of the community first. Providing core services for the City is at the forefront so that all citizens may enjoy a better quality of life.


City Clerk

The City Clerk's office is committed to open government and encourages citizens to attend City Council meetings. The Clerk's office provides support and assistance to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator and citizens of Connell in an efficient, professional and courteous manner. Every City is the state has a City Clerk's office that is governed by the laws of the state and ordinances of the City. The City Clerk serves as Public Records Officer for the City.

Helpful Link: Council Agendas and Minutes


City Treasurer

The City Treasurer is a key position that handles all financial affairs of the City, including but not limited to banking, cash management, investments, payroll, auditing, procurement and grant management.


Building & Planning Services

The City of Connell provides building and planning services to ensure all development and building activities comply with the City's Comprehensive Plan, municipal codes and state and federal regulations.


Public Works

The Public Works Department strives to meet the highest standards of service in maintaining and managing the streets, parks, water and wastewater systems and all other municipal facilities.


Parks & Recreation

The City of Connell owns and maintains an excellent system of parks, and recreational facilities for the benefit of residents who live in the city and surrounding rural communities. These facilities contribute greatly to the overall quality of life and are well loved and used by residents of all ages.



The mission of the Connell Police Department is to enhance security, safety and service to the community at large. The Police Chief administers a "community oriented" Police Department. The goal is to create a partnership between law enforcement and the community, and to promote an excellent quality of life for all citizens in Connell.



The Connell Fire Department has a paid Fire Chief and many dedicated volunteers. It has a longstanding history and tradition of effective, hardworking volunteers that are personally committed to keeping the community safe, while preparing for emergencies/incidents.